Come Join us for a Class!


1) To register for a class, please call the shop at 901-323-9213, we accept all major credit cards.

2) You can also register at the shop or mail us a check. Please provide a driver's license number on your check. 
3) Payment of tuition is required to hold your space in a class.


1) Any cancellations by a student must be made one week prior to the date of the scheduled class to receive a tuition refund.
2) The Bead Couture reserves the right to cancel any class. A minimum of 3 paid students per class is required.
3) If we do need to cancel, full refunds will be offered to students or you may roll the tuition to the another class.


1) All supplies for classes are purchased at The Bead Couture.
2) Students receive a 20% discount(when currently enrolled in a class) on all class supplies.
3) Students should select supplies prior to the start of class.


1) Tools are provided for students use during class, unless otherwise noted in the class description. 
2) Students may bring their own tools to class, but please mark them with your name.


Basic Workshops

These workshops are for the beginner, taught from the perspective that the student has no experience in beading and needs help getting started. They are also suitable for anyone who has started beading but would like clarification with the basic techniques of attaching a clasp or making a wire loop on an earring.

Basic Bead Stringing: Tuition $25.00 + supplies; CALLING ALL BEGINNERS!  Here’s your chance to begin designing and assembling your own jewelry.  Students will design and string a necklace on flexible beading wire, then learn how to attach a clasp using crimps, crimp covers and wire protectors.  There is also a brief lecture on the types of tools, findings and flex wire used in class. 2 hour workshop taught by Joy Moore. Skill Level: Basic 

Basic Earrings: Tuition $25.00 + supplies; In this 2 hour workshop, you will design and assemble 3 pair of earrings.  Students will learn about findings used in making earrings, the steps for forming a loop on a headpin, how to make earrings with multiple sections, and how to make a headpin.  This class is a basic introduction to wire work.  2 hour workshop taught by Joy Moore  Skill Level: Basic


Bead Knotting Workshops

Knotting can be incorporated into your designs to achieve many different looks. The project in each workshop will be done in a different technique or material.

Basic Bead Knotting: Tuition $25.00 + supplies; Knotting between beads is NOT just for pearls.  Many beaded designs can be enhanced with knotting.  The project for this class is a necklace and the ends are finished with French Wire and a clasp.  2 hour workshop taught by Joy MooreSkill Level: Basic   

Knotted Bracelets:  Tuition $25.00 + supplies; These wildly popular bracelets are easy to make.  Learn to square knot between your beads with Chinese Knotting cord(available in a variety of colors).  Your bracelet can be finished with sliding square knots  that make it adjustable or leather crimps and a clasp.  2 hour workshop taught by Joy MooreSkill Level: Intermediate     

Knots of Leather:  Tuition $25.00 + supplies; Leather is one of the hottest jewelry fashion trends! Students will design a necklace using leather and large hole beads, then finish it with leather crimps and a clasp or a fancy slip knot.  2 hour workshop taught by Joy MooreSkill Level: All Levels    

Knotted Spaces:  Tuition $25.00 + supplies;  Students learn to knot with silk or nylon thread, leaving perfect spaces of colored thread between the knotted sections of beads.  The necklace can be one or more strands and is finished with knot covers and a clasp. 2 hour workshop taught by Joy MooreSkill Level: Basic   


Bead Weaving Workshops

Bead Weaving (with seed beads) opens up a whole new world of possibilities for making necklaces, bracelets and earrings. There are so many different off-loom stitches to learn and the projects are endless.

Flat Peyote Stitch Bracelet:  Tuition $25.00 + supplies; This is a basic weaving class that introduces students to Even Count Flat Peyote Stitch.  Students will weave a cuff bracelet using several colors of size 8 seed beads. These larger seed beads and the random pattern(no graph to follow), will let you concentrate on just learning the stitch.  2 hour workshop taught by Joy Moore  Skill Level: Basic   


Chain Maille Workshop

Note: Two pair of flat nose pliers(square) work best when doing chain maille, but two pair of chain nose(tapered) will work. If you already have flat nose or chain nose, please bring them to class.  You can also purchase the pliers with your discount.

Box Weave Chain Maille Bracelet: Tuition $35.00 + supplies; Students will learn the basic concepts of Chain Maille and create this beautiful bracelet in a Box Weave design. Students can also use two colors of jump rings if they want a bi-metal look to their bracelet. 2 hour workshop taught by Larry Dallas. Skill Level: Basic   

Byzantine Weave: Tuition $45.00 + supplies; This beautiful chain maille choker is really a show stopper.  You can leave it plain or drop beads from the individual points. 3 hour workshop taught by Larry Dallas. Skill Level: Intermediate   

Chain Maille Lariat:  Tuition $45.00+ supplies; This gorgeous lariat can be made any length and worn several different ways. You can wear it long, wrapped or doubled. It can be made in a variety of solid colors or with 2 coordinating colors. 3 hour workshop taught by Larry Dallas. Skill Level: Intermediate    


Resin Workshop

The Basics of Ice Resin:  Tuition $40.00 + supplies; Doming resin will definitely add a whole new dimension to your jewelry designs. There is so much you can do with it, the possibilities are endless. Students will create tiny works of art in metal frames, then learn how to properly mix and add the resin to the frames. Metal frames are available in pendants, earrings, bracelets and rings. Space is limited to six people in a workshop. Resin takes 12 hours to dry and student’s projects will be available for pick-up on the next (open) business day.   

Note: (pre-made kits for class are $62.00 and include four ounce bottles(1 ea.) of resin and hardener, plastic cups, stir sticks, eye droppers, 2 ea.-5 ea. metal frames, assorted charms and do-dads, hand made paper, and ephemera.  We can also make copies of your favorite photographs for use in class.  3 hour workshop taught by Joy Moore   Skill Level: Some previous jewelry design experience suggested     


Metal Workshops

Say It with Stamps: Tuition $25.00 + supplies; Jewelry with stamped words, numbers and designs is one of the hottest techniques in beading.  Use metal stamps to personalize a variety of charms, pendants, and necklace or bracelet components with names, dates, or special sayings.  

Note: Tools required for this class are a set of metal stamps, a bench block, and a 1 lb. brass hammer. If you have any of these tools, please bring them to class. I do have stamps and tools for students to share. 3 hour workshop taught by Joy Moore     Skill Level: Basic  


Wire Crochet Workshops

Let Wire Crochet artist Jeanne Chapman take you into a world of endless designs. Start with the basic wire crochet class and you’ll be “hooked”.

Basic Wire Crochet: Tuition $45.00 + supplies; Students will crochet 3 separate strands of basic chain stitch on 26 or 28 gauge wire.  The wire is embellished with beads as you crochet. This necklace can be crocheted in one or more colors. The strands are braided together and finished with a clasp. Note: This workshop is taught in two- 2 hour sessions by Jeanne Chapman Skill Level: Basic  

Wire Crochet Bracelet: Tuition $45.00 + supplies;  Crochet multiple rows of 28 or 30 gauge wire and pearls to create this gorgeous cuff bracelet. You can also use other types of 8 mm beads to create many different looks.  Note: This workshop is taught in two sessions by Jeanne Chapman  Skill Level: Intermediate  

Six Easy Pieces: Tuition $45.00 + supplies; This design uses 3 different size beads in coordinating colors to give a dramatic, show stopping look to this necklace. Note: This workshop is taught in one 3 hour session by Jeanne Chapman  Skill Level: Intermediate   

Vintage Wire Crochet Necklace:  Tuition $45.00 + supplies;  Vintage is in and this crocheted collar with it’s lacy design, is perfect for a night out or a pair of blue jeans. Note: This workshop is taught in 2 sessions by Jeanne Chapman   Skill Level: Intermediate  


Wire Wrapping Workshops

Wire Wrapping classes are definitely some of the most popular classes.  There is a wide range to choose from.  If you have limited or no experience in wire wrapping, Link-to-Link is a great place to start.

Briolette Wraps: Tuition $25.00 + supplies; If you are struggling with the technique of wrapping top-drilled beads; let us show you how.  This technique can be used to make beautiful earrings and drops for necklaces. 

2 hour workshop taught by Joy Moore  Skill Level: Basic  

Coils Gone Wild:  Tuition $25.00 + supplies; Students learn how to work with various gauges of wire to make the latest trendiest jewelry.  No extra gadgets necessary!  Wire, a basic set of jewelry pliers, your fingers and your imagination are all it takes to make coils that can be used as connectors, charms, spacer beads, or even wrapped around a bead. Don’t miss this chance to learn a new skill and add something special to your designs. Note: The bracelet sample is made with wire wrapped loops(link-to-link). If you would like to make the bracelet in class you will need to already be proficient at loop and wrap.  2 hour workshop taught by Joy Moore   Skill Level: Intermediate  

Embellished Toggle:  Tuition $25.00 + supplies; Students will make a toggle frame from heavy gauge wire and embellish it with small gauge wire and beads. You won’t want to hide these toggles on the back of your neck. They look great as the center piece on a necklace and are functional as the clasp.  They also look great on bracelets.  2 hour workshop taught by Joy Moore  Skill Level: All Levels  

Link-to-Link: Tuition $25.00+ supplies; If you would like to start wire wrapping and using chain in your jewelry, this is the perfect class to enroll in.  Students will learn how to make a loop on wire and wrap the wire under the loop.  This not only adds interest to your designs, but makes the wire connections on your pieces secure.  You can also add chain between the beaded sections or layer chain with your wire wrapped strands.  Your project can be a single or multiple strand design.  2 hour workshop taught by Joy Moore     Skill Level: Basic   

Planetary Wraps: Tuition $25.00 + supplies;  Learn a new way to enhance your beads with wire.  Like the rings of Saturn, the wire circles the beads to create beautiful wire frames.  A working knowledge of loop and wrap is required  for this 2 hour workshop taught by Joy MooreSkill Level: Intermediate   

Spiral Wire Wrapped Ring: Tuition $25.00 + supplies; This ring is simple enough for a novice but so cool that even seasoned wire wrappers will want to make one.  3 pieces of 18 gauge wire are wrapped around a ring mandrel and twisted together to make the band.  The wire is then embellished with beads and coiled on the ends to finish the ring. 2 hour workshop is taught by Joy Moore  Skill Level: Intermediate 

Twisted Fiber Necklace: Tuition $40.00 + supplies; The design for this choker style necklace intertwines colorful fibers and wire to make “fiber wires”.  Students will make multiple “fiber wires” in coordinating colors and then layer them with beads around a heavy gauge wire base.  The results are stunning.  3 hour workshop taught by Joy Moore  Skill Level: Intermediate    

Wire Cuff Bracelet: Tuition $25.00 + supplies; Students will make a cuff frame from heavy gauge wire.  The frame is then hammered to add texture and embellished with small gauge wire and beads.  These bracelets can be made any width and you can use a wide variety of beads for the embellishment.  2 hour workshop taught by Joy Moore  Skill Level: All  

Wire Wrapped Bead Necklace: Tuition $25.00 + supplies;  If you are already proficient with the technique of loop and wrap, try adding an extra wire embellishment that wraps around the bead.  This technique works best on round beads but can be used on other shapes. 2 hour workshop taught by Joy Moore.  Skill Level: Intermediate    

Wire Wrapped Pendant: Tuition $25.00 + supplies; Students learn how to construct a beautiful wire cage and bail for a stone or glass cabochon(flat back). Note: Some wire wrapping experience suggested. 2 hour workshop taught by Joy Moore   Skill Level: Intermediate